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As a mom it is rare sometimes to hear that we are doing a good job. We spend our days working to keep our children clean, safe and fed. Yet we often neglect ourselves.

The other day I had my best friends daughter over along with my four. I decided we needed to get out of the house for a while so we went to Walmart. We rented a movie at the redbox and decided to walk around for a while. My friends daughter (let’s call her S) insisted on holding onto the DVD and I, wanting to foster independence, let her.

Well S set it down. So here I am with five children from age one to seven backtracking though Walmart looking for a DVD. As you can imagine I was pretty stressed and trying not to show it. img_0413

This older women walked up to me put her hand on my shoulder and proceeded to tell me how well behaved my children are. She took time from her day to tell me I was doing a good job.

Now I of course cried a little and told her how much I appreciate the accolades. Later I started thinking though about how much I really needed that and how they are great kids. I mean they weren’t loud, destructive or insubordinate.

I started thinking maybe I can help someone else as this lady has helped me. Pass it on in a way to another mom. I think all moms should. We should take the time to  tell others when they are doing well.

I was at the zoo with my kids for their birthday and their was a woman with a really tiny baby trying to breastfeed with a cover and I could tell she was nervous. I went and sat next to her and fed my youngest with no cover. I usually use the two shirt method with a undershirt I pull down and a t-shirt I pull up. This way it’s limited how m

uch someone would see. She looked over and I smiled and asked how old her child was. img_0399

She relaxed as we talked and eventually was able to comfortably feed her little one. How often do we have a chance to build someone else’s confidence? How often can we work together to build a brighter, kinder future for our children? What kind of example are we setting?

None of us is perfect but how cool is it to work together to be better?

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