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Intro to power tools: The Screw driver 

As a woman who uses power tools everyday I would like to educate other women on the types and kinds of tools there are out there. I believe that you are capable of anything you truly want to do. All you need is the right tool and the motivation to get it done.

The tool I use the most is the Screwdriver. There are manual and motorized. Manual screwdrivers are characterized into Philips and flat head (also referred to as standard). Philips is a plus sign and flat head is well flat or a negative sign. There are less popular types as well like star bits and hex bits. 

These manual screwdrivers are perfect for little jobs and more fragile work, like putting together one of those ikea bookshelves. The different lengths are really about a balance between leverage (the longer the easier to turn) and the ability to get into smaller spaces. Another consideration is what the handle is made of. If you are working around electricity please get a rubber handle. We don’t want anyone electrocuted. 

Now motorized screwdrivers have many different shapes and sizes. There are stick drivers.

These usually have different bits that can be changed easily. Some drawbacks are that they tend to have smaller motors so they aren’t a good choice for say putting up drywall in a whole house. Also the battery is not detachable so the entire unit must be plugged in. For the occasional use this is a good bargain for the money though. 

The next is a cordless screw gun. Notice the gunlike shape. These come in different voltages (how powerful the gun is) and have rechargeable and easily replaceable batteries. 

A few things to take note on:

  • I have seen screwguns with 24 v and you really need to use two hands with them. Even big burly macho men can hurt themselves. The higher the voltage the more power. As with any power the more you have the harder it is to control. For a smaller person who is only going to use the screwguns for simple stuff I would stick with under 20 v. 
  • The only thing my dads company uses his 24 v drill for is mixing concrete or mortar and drilling into concrete. He does not even use it as a screw gun because it tears up the screws. 
  • Amps refers to the size of the battery and the amount of life it has. Usually they are 2 and 4 amps. A 2 amp battery will last about an hour or so depending on what you are doing. Where as a four amp battery will last 2-3 hours. 

A variation of the cordless screwgun which I love is the impact driver. Towards the end of screwing a screw it gives it the extra kick it needs without going super fast. So you can really drive the screw but not bury it. The rigid one that Home Depot sells has some amazing features. Like a built in light and a clip to attach to your belt.

When using a motorized screwdriver there are a few things to remember. The most important is to stay in line with your screw. If the gun and the screw don’t line up, you will tear up the screw and and it will make this horrible noise. 

The same noise also happens if the bit is to small. There are different sizes yes I know how varied could one tool be. 

As you can see this kit comes with different sizes of bits and sockets. My mom bought this one for me at Walmart. This one can also hold some bits inside it when you screw off the end. 

Another little tip is to put your weight behind the screwdriver. Keep your weight behind it while it turns. Wether using a manual or motorized screwdriver it has to have some weight behind it to stay in the screw. 

Let me know if you found this helpful. I would love to do more and answer questions. 

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