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What do I do? -Self defense-

I have read so many stories lately of attempts to abduct children. With four little ones this has me concerned. I wanted to share my ideas for how I would handle some situations. There are bad people in this world and we should all be prepared. 

In one incident I read about a woman noticed someone grab a child’s hand and walk with them. I am so glad they were unsuccessful. Nowadays many people aren’t aware of their surroundings. I believe this is the first step to being safe. Don’t play on your phone when you are at the park with your kids. Play with them. You are not going to notice suspicious behavior if you aren’t even looking.

I like to play a game with my kids where we look for things. I ask questions about what color objects are or what size things are. Not only does it get them paying attention to there surroundings but it enforces colors and adjectives like bigger and smaller. We add descriptions as they master them. 

Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation with your kids you can leave. If your children seem uncomfortable around someone trust your children’s instincts. It is better to be safe then to worry about upsetting someone else. 

If someone does try to hurt or take you or your children the most important thing you can do is not let up. Like in this circumstance she saved her daughters life.  Fight, scream, scratch, kick, bite and don’t stop. Don’t give them any chance to overcome you. Do not be a victim. Even if they hurt you keep fighting. The harder you make it the more likely they will give up. 

Make a scene. You want people to see you to wonder what’s going on. Even if you might be wrong about the persons intentions and you are just uncomfortable go ahead and tell them to back off. 

In an incident I read about these men were walking very close to her grandchildren. It wasn’t crowded there was no reason to be that close. There is no shame in looking crazy if it means protecting your kids or you in fact I strongly encourage it. Crazy is unpredictable no one wants to deal with that. 

If it does come to needing a weapon, it helps to actually have one. I am a firm believer in the phrase ” I would rather have it an not need it then need it and not have it.” This may mean a gun or it may be pepper spray or some other kind of weapon. 

While I do carry a gun, it is not for everyone. I think before making that kind of purchase you should be thoroughly educated and try shooting it a few times. Even once purchased I think you should practice carrying around your home before carrying in public so you are comfortable. 

There are other weapons you can carry that aren’t as deadly. Pepper spray is a great one. Mine is from Damsel in Defense. They have great ones that won’t break the bank. They are very simple to use so in a pinch you won’t get confused. 

I also highly recommend there tasers. With either you want to play with them and get comfortable with the features. In a defensive scenereo fumbling is bad so practi


The kubaton is another of my favorites. Some places won’t allow you to carry pepper spray or a taser. Most people won’t know that it is actually a weapon. It can go on a key chain. It will take more practice to know how to properly use it. The easiest way is to hold it in your fist to strengthen your punch. You can also use it to jab at your attacker. 

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