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Feeling frustrated? 

There are days when I feel outnumbered four to one. Days when things just don’t go my way. When there is just one thing I need to get done and every other “mommy I am thirsty” emergency gets in the way. 

These days make me frustrated. It has taken years to come to terms with the fact that things won’t always go my way. I can not get everything done all the time no matter how hard I try. I am not always in control, he is. 

I have come to realize that a lot of the time when I want something, and I try my very hardest to get it yet it still doesn’t happen, that it wasn’t what was best for me or my kids in the long run. 

Have faith in God and his plan for you. He is the one in control. All problems can be solved in prayer. Many times the act of prayer is enough to calm me and put things in perspective. Taking the time to just stop what I am doing and verbalize what I feel like I need, which is usually patience and understanding, helps me feel like my feelings and concerns matter. 

I am reminded that even though my children are distracting at times that it isn’t their intention. I am reminded that there is no need to rush. I am reminded that one day my kids will be older and it will come sooner than I want. 

I try to charish the tantrums, the crazy death defying acts, the snot noses and the diaper explosions. The days when all they want is mommy are ending and the age of independence is upon me. Charish the hugs and the nonstop talking. Today is a blessing and tomorrow may never come. 

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