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Soap Basics: Packaging

There are lots of ways to package soap. You can use boxes, wrapping paper, or shrink-wrap to name a few. I use shrink-wrap. I like it because it seals the soap making transport easier, and if my kids get into them then they are less likely ruined. It is also the easiest in my opinion and let’s you see the soap inside.

What you will need to shrink-wrap


  1. Position your soap in the bag. The bags I use are simg_0963ealed on three sides. For some smaller soaps I push the soap to the corner then seal two of the farthest sides. For bigger soaps I center them on the side parallel to the opening and seimg_0971al the one side.
  2. Follow the instructions on your specific sealer for sealing your bags. For mine I but the end needing to be sealed onto the metal wire where I want it and trim the bag so the end falls in the vacuüm part. Then close it and push with both hands (or elbows so I can play on mimg_0967y phone cause it takes like 30 secs). When the light turns green it’s done. I seal all my soap before moving to the next step. I feel it’s the most time efficient.
  3. Then I plug-in the heat gun. Be Careful this gun gets hot. Do not set it down on just anything. I like to have it with the metal end of the barrel pointing up and unplug it when I am not using it. It does take a few minutes to cool down. I never put mine on high these bags have a pretty low melting point. So put it on low and start by pointing it at your sealed soap. Kimg_0970eep the gun about a foot away starting off and sl
    owly move closer. Don’t over do it. Your bag will shrink and smooth out. If there is any air trapped then you can poke it with a needle so the air can escape. Then shrink it.


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