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10 Things Your Toddler Can Do To Help Around The House

10 Things I Taught my 3 and 4 Year Olds To Do

With four kids under 5 cleaning is always a chore. If I were to do it all by myself I would go insane. It is out of necessity that I teach them to clean up after themselves. Even if there was only one child I think it is important to teach self discipline. So here is what my little girl who is 3 and my twin boys who are 4 do around the house.

  1. Make their beds. They usually team up to put the fitted sheet on. The blankets and pillows they do themselves.
  2. Vacuum. I put down baking soda at least once a week to help the house smell fresh and have them vacuum it up. They do a better job when they can see where they have vacuumed.
  3. Hand dry dishes. We don’t have a dishwasher. It’s an old house and there really isn’t room in the kitchen for one. So instead of me hand washing all those dishes by myself they all get a hand towel and dry.
  4. Fetch. I know they aren’t dogs. They go and get diapers for the baby, toilet paper when I forget, and plug my phone in when it dies. This is the one I miss the most when they visit their dad.
  5. Take out trash. They have learned to take the bag out of the can and put a new bag in. They can’t put it in the street can yet but they put it by the back door.
  6. Push the right buttons. When Netflix asks if I want to keep watching the kids know exactly how to play their show (or mine if I am letting them stay up a little bit). They even know how to work on demand even if they can’t read the show names.
  7. Sweeping. We got shorter handled brooms and the kids sweep up all the messes. My 1.5 year old even tries to sweep. Occasionally I have to go behind them but most of the time they do really well.
  8. Laundry. They work together and sort the clothes into darks and lights, then load the washer (one stands on a chair while another hands them clothes), they load the dryer, sort the clean clothes, and put them away. The only thing they can’t do yet is hang up clothes.
  9. Steam mop. I have to put the water in it but other then that they can do it all. Even change the pad on the mop. This steam mop is the best investment in cleaning ever.
  10. Scrubbing. Walls, tables, counters. They love scrubbing. I love letting them use magic erasers. 

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