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6 Tips for Hyperactive Kids

6 Tips for Hyperactive Kids

My 4 year old was diagnosed with hyperactivity last year (when he was 3). We don’t do medications especially at his age. I have looked into many  natural methods to help him (and me) cope and adjust. Now I see no problem with kids being kids and running around. This is different. When he was diagnosed he could not sit still; he would literally vibrate. Teaching him numbers and letters or even just holding a crayon turned into this huge frustrating thing. I have found several methods that have worked for us and i wanted to share.

  1. Distraction: We put a bungee cord around the bottom of his chair so he can
    walking the trail
    My 3 oldest kids walking the trail at our park

    play with it with his feet while eating or coloring. The Starr Spangled Planner has some other ideas for movement based distractions that we have tried a couple of and found helpful.

  2. Essential Oils: We use a lot of different essential oils in a lot of different things around the house. This recipe from Early Bird Mom is my favorite for hyperactivity. I love using the roller and putting it on his hands. He loves to smell it when he get bored or antsy.
  3. Structure: The most helpful thing we did was to follow a routine. I found that if he knew what was happening next then he was better prepared. He seems to have an easier time finishing his breakfast when he knows we are going to walk the dog after he finishes. We can enjoy quiet coloring time when park time follows. We exercise before bed so that he can be tired enough to sleep.

    Riding horses
    My oldest with a female friend riding horses
  4. Extracurricular: getting involved in extra activities like sports, martial arts, gymnastics or track offers lessons in discipline and commitment with an added benefit of being fun. The trick is to keep it fun and not a chore. As soon as it becomes “you have to” it looses its charm. We were lucky enough to find a place that didn’t force us to come at certain times. Mr bouncing all over the place does have bad days and the flexibility was helpful.
  5. One Step at a Time: We made charts for brushing teeth, cleaning his room, going potty, and taking a bath. I used pictures and put it all in order so that he c
    cleaning the craft table" data-large-file="" /> Kids cleaning the craft table

ould do each one at a time even without help. Being able to follow the steps helps him to not get distracted.

  • PLAY: The most important. Incorporate games and fun in as much as possible. Sing songs and dance. Run, jump and climb. That ball of energy called a child needs all the positive reinforcement and fun they can possibly soak up. Be creative and have fun with them.
  • Another resource with some great info is Mom Junction.

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