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Soap Basics – Loofah Embedded Soap

A Tutorial on Loofah Soaps

How awesome is soap with an exfoliating loofah in it. There are so many different ways to make them. Cold process, melt and pour, whole loofah, or loofah pieces you have so many options.

PVC mold

Materials Needed


  1. Set up the pvc. Put the cap on the pvc and line the pvc. I lined mine with my silicone mat but you can use wax paper it’s just harder to work with.
  2. Soap making time. Make your soap either melt and pour or cold-process. Add your scents and colors. When you are ready to pour then go to next step.
  3. Pour about a quarter of your mixture. If you pour in stages its easier to fill the entire thing without having empty cavities. I don’t believe there are any loofahs that are 2 feet long. most are about 6 inches. Which means it takes about 4 to fill the mold I made. You can use a shorter mold if you want.
  4. Insert first loofah and push down into soap mixture.
  5. Pour more soap and insert additional loofahs until mold is filled.
  6. Let soap cure. I found I could remove the cap after 24 hours but removing the whole loaf I waited a few more days to make sure it wouldn’t be soft inside. I let it cure about a week total before I cut it. If you are using melt and pour you can throw it in the freezer for a few hours and it will be fine.
  7. Cut your soap. Be sure to use a serrated knife. Loofah is tougher than you would think. The wire cutters will not work here. To get a nice even cut all the way down the soap I used a guide with cut-outs for the blade to slide down.
  8. Let cure a little longer. If it is cold-process then wait about 3 more weeks. If melt and pour it should be good to go ahead and use.

Aluminum foil mold

Materials Needed


  1. Form your mold. I take the aluminum foil and bend it up around the loofah. If your loofa is long it will need to be cut first. I suggest a serrated knife.IMG_1078
  2. Make you soap. Once you have it like you want it make your soap. For this I like the look of the clear soaps but the feel of a nice Shea butter soap. This will work for cold process or melt and pour. You can choose whichever you want.
  3. Pour it into your foil mold. Pour directly over loofah until loofah is just barely covered.
  4. Cure your soap. Let it sit for at least 24 hours. I prefer 48 hours. Remove your
;","focal_length":"4.28","iso":"50","shutter_speed":"0.016666666666667","title":"","orientation":"1"}" data-image-title="img_1069" data-image-description="" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" />awesome new soap. If you used cold process let it cure for a few weeks before using. Melt and Pour should be able to be used sooner.


Silicone Mold



  1. Cut your Loofah to fit your mold. I tried a couple methods here. I tried cutting the loofah into tiny pieces and I cut a piece of loofah to fit. Aesthetically I like the big piece of loofah cut to fit vs. the pieces. My Fiance likes the pieces he says it works better but I worry about the pieces in the drain when you use up the soap.img_1117peices loofah backMake your soap. Either melt your melt and pour or chemistry it up in some cold-process. 
  2. Pour soap mixture. I like to pour about half my soap into the mold then put loofah in and pour the rest on top. It allows you to just use soap or to use soap and loofah. Plus the mold I used
    has an intricate pattewhole loofah soap side viewrn the loofah would mess up if it were against loofah.
  3. Let cure. For melt and pour it is just a couple hours. For cold-process a month or longer.

2 thoughts on “Soap Basics – Loofah Embedded Soap

  1. If I wanted to dip my loofah, would I use the cold process method?

    1. You could do cold process or melt and pour. Either would work fine aesthetically. I personally don’t like melt and pour.
      Hot process could be done as well but it takes some skill to get it liquid enough to work.
      If you are just dipping it in soap then letting cure you could just put it on wax paper and not really need a mold at all.

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