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Soap Recipe – Coconut Oil Free Soap

My go-to recipe has coconut oil in it. I have found that there are a few people allergic to coconut. The suds I get with coconut oil and the balance of strength and gentleness is lovely. I have tried out different ingredients that are comparable and stumbled on lard. I know ewww… but it undergoes a chemical reaction. The result is not what you start with. Most commercial soap has lard or other types of animal fat in it (also called tallow) and it has been used since the beginning of soap making. So if you would like to try here is my recipe.

The above soap is one of mine that I made with this recipe. I used the hot process method for the bottom and cold process piping for the top. It is scented with pumpkin spice.



Water as a percent of oils for this recipe is 38%

Super Fat / Discount is 6%

This recipe makes about 15 bars that weigh approx. 5 ounces / 141.75 grams pre cure or will fit in a 5 pound mold. Once cured these bars will weigh about 4 ounces / 113.4 grams.

This recipe can be hot or cold processed. I used Hot Process simply because lard is naturally a solid so once this recipe starts to cool it hardens up very quickly. It is recommend cutting it about 10-15 hours after pouring, because it will be too hard to cut if you wait longer. Ask me how I know!!!

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