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Soap Recipes – Castile Soap

This makes a creamy gentle soap. So gentle you can use it on newborns or various skin conditions without aggravating the condition. I love this soap and the ingredients are super simple. It does take 6 months to a year to fully cure but is completely worth it. I have even shredded this and used it in washing my carpet and clothes. It is a great cleaner.


Olive Oil   44 ounces / 1247.4 grams

Distilled water   14.96 ounces / 424.11 grams

Lye NaOH  5.66 ounces / 160.54 grams

The water as percent of oil weight is 34% which is reduced from what I normally do. I find that this reduces the cure time significantly. The superfat is 5%.


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This makes about 4 lbs / 1814.37 grams of soap. With the mold I use it makes 15 (4.3 ounce / 121.9 grams) bars.

The lather is very creamy and not at all bubbly. You can add sodium lactate (which is liquid salt) to help the soap harden and speed up curing time as well. For a cheaper option to sodium lactate you can use salt. I love pink Himalayan salt at a tsp per pound of soap.

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