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Ideas For Soap Creations

There are so many different kinds of soap and so many variations on each kindimg_1117. I use this calculator to figure out the lye water and oils ratios. With it you can adjust measurements and figure out how your soap is going to end up. It will also offer a different recipe that may work better. Here are some recipes for a bunch of my favorite kinds of soap.

Ideas for soaps

  1. Loofah embedded
  2. Poof embedded
  3. Swirl
  4. Layered
  5. Sea salt soap
  6. Goats milk – love this video I also like to put the bowl in an ice water bath while mixing in lye img_0142
  7. Coffee soap
  8. Cupcake soap – I love her accent and how beautiful her soaps are.
  9. Cake soap
  10. Gelatin soap – I have not tried this one it is on my list
  11. Castileimg_1215
  12. Ginger and brown sugar
  13. Orange zest

Do you have any ideas to add? Comment below with some of your soapy ideas.

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