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Soap Recipes – 100% Coconut Oil Soap

Many people love coconut oil and all its benefits and uses. It is a great carrier oil for essential oils and perfect for oil pulling. In soap it is very cleansing and bubbly. It is also one of the few oils you can use at 100% in your recipes.  It does tend to be drying in soap so for skin I super fat at 20% and it can be superfatted up to 30%.

Super fat is the percentage of oils that do not bond with the lye or are left over/ not saponified. These are the oils that add moisturizing qualities.

100% coconut can also be used in laundry soap as well. For laundry soap I use at 1% superfat. Coconut oil in soap is a great degreaser. Which is why it is drying. It is perfect for laundry, and getting out oil stains. I use it occasionally for hand washing clothes but wouldn’t put it in the washer machine.

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The preceding recipe was created using the soap calc app and makes a little less than three pounds. Which was perfect for my cake mold.

This is definately an eye catcher at shows when I set it up cut but together like this. 

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