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My 2017 Goals

Since today is New Year’s Day I thought it would be fitting to share my goals for the year both personal and business/ blog related. Many people make new year’s resolutions and don’t follow through or slowly slack off. This may be because their goals are too extreme or they have life get in the way. I like the term goals instead of resolutions. Goals for me gives more of a sense of achievability then resolution.


  1. Getting in shape. Since I gave birth to my last baby I have been the heaviest in my life. I became a stay at home mom and have been more sedentary than in the past. So I am going to be exercising at least half an hour a day for the next month. My main areas are my belly and my thighs. At the end of the month I want to share with my readers how I have done. Do you have any weight loss or exercising goals for the new year? I don’t care too much about my weight as it changes over the course of the month anyways with my hormone levels. I like to focus on clothing size. Right now I am a 2xl. My goal is to get to a medium eventually (like I was before 4 kids) but to a large by the end of 2017.
  2. Posting more regularly. There has been a lot of interest in my bath bomb post so I would like to write more bath bomb posts. Different kinds of bath bombs and other fizzy bath products. My goal is 3 posts a week with at least one of those img_0302being a tutorial. If there are any ideas you want to see let me know? Or questions on the process. I also want to do posts on frequent questions I have seen and different ingredients.
  3. Doing more regular craft shows. I have some ideas for branching out my sales base which includes more regular craft shows. There is one in my area that happens every saturday. I plan to attend every saturday to make a name for myself in my community. I have done five craft shows so far and I think doing a regular show will help me reach more people locally. Pursuing wholesale buyers is also on the to do list.
  4. Maintaining Honor Roll status. School is very important to me and last semester I img_0822earned a 4.0 GPA. While 4.0 is probably not going to be a maintainable goal I would like to stay above a 3.0. Next semester I am taking Chemistry (fits in with all I do right?), spanish (because my kids are mexican and I want them to learn it too), critical thinking and human communication. This is a full course load and I am looking forward to the experience and knowledge I stand to gain.

While this is only four goals it is a lot to balance  esp

ecially with four children. My fiancé earned a more lucrative position and we can finally afford daycare. So monday thru friday I now have 8 hours without my babies. They get to learn and play with other kids their age and I get time to myself. Which after this christmas vacation with all 4 home for two weeks straight now I could really use. I love my babies but I get over touched and like the peace and quiet to clean and create beautiful things at least for part of the day. I will be in school myself most of the time they are in day care so the child free time to catch up on stuff will be invaluable.

What are your goals this year?

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