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Potty Training Tips and Tricks

I am potty training yet another child (number 4) and this time it is going better than the last few times around. I attribute it to experience mostly but also to the older kids assistance. The twins have even volunteered to “show” him how to pee in the potty. They proceeded to do this by crossing streams. (“don’t cross the streams” Ghostbusters)


  1. Cloth Diapers make potty training so much easier.

    I am not saying you have to use diaper pins because cloth diapers have come a long way from then. I love my pockets they are simple to wash and easy to adjust absorbance (so you can throw in extra absorbance overnight). There are also all in ones and hybrids. Using cloth lets the child know when they have pee’d themselves they can feel it. With disposable diapers they are made to mask that the child has pee’d. They cover up scent and feel. While you will have to change them more often you won’t have to buy as many diapers and there is no midnight run to the store for diapers.

  2. Are they ready? 

    Look for clues that they are ready. Too often my friends have tried potty training too early. If they aren’t ready then you will end up struggling a lot more than you need to. If they are trying to take their diaper off, or playing in the potty, playing with their private parts, or communicating that they pee’d or have to pee (this may not be words it may be pointing or trying to climb on the potty) those are all clues.

  3. It isn’t a competition.

    Your child may train quickly or it may take a lot of time. Do not expect them to be pros overnight or even after a week or a month. Each child is different. One of my kids is 5 and still has accidents sometimes. Usually when he is in a new and exciting environment he either forgets or is stressed and can’t control it.  Children cannot be expected to be perfect.

  4. Never get mad. 

    This is by far the hardest one, but the most important. You don’t want to yell or punish them for an accident. Take your time and show them how to clean themselves. Be patient and kind. Even when there is poop everywhere be patient. If you do yell or get upset be patient with yourself as well. Apologize and do better next time, because you aren’t perfect either.

  5. No Candy Rewards. 

    Sugar is the first thing I have been told to cut from my kids diet every time they are struggling with wetting themselves. “no juice, no sweets” the pediatrician always says so why would i reward potty training with sweets.Stickers have worked well. I even created a separate chart for each kid and let them pick stickers to put on the charts. I let them put the stickers on themselves. Here is a printable Potty Chart just for you. 000011

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  • Make it a routine.

    Have them try when they wake up, before bed, and at regular intervals during the day. The closest you can get to having them go the same time every day the easier it will be. They will understand what is expected better. (if you can keep up a routine with all things they will do better with all things.

  • Are you ready for the gross naked baby running around your house? I wasn’t the first time. Or the second. Or the third. This time I believed I was ready but I still get frustrated when he pees on the floor. I still hold on though for I know it will eventually be over and y baby will be a boy. Do you have any fun stories? Any tips and tricks you want to share?

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