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Leaving the Excuses Behind

Leave The Excuses Behind

How I am meeting my goals this year with the water challenge.

Since January 2nd I have done a water challenge with Raquel at  Real Change Fitness and it has amazed. Raquel is a great motivator and trainer. The goal is to drink a gallon of water a day. She gave us a picture of how to keep track on a gallon jug so we could stay motivated throughout the day. I even added reasons for doing the challenge on the sides like “to fit into those cute jeans”, “to keep up with my kids”, and “to like when I look in the mirror.”


So far I am doing awesome all though my gallon sprang a leak (cheap plastic).

If you want to make your own it reads:
  • Water Challenge
  • 7am- Good Morning
  • 9am- You can do this
  • 11am- Remember your goals
  • 1pm- Keep Drinking
  • 3pm- Feeling Awesome
  • 5pm- No Excuses
  • 7pm- Resist Temptation
  • 9pm- Almost Done

She told us we could easily change the hours around for our normal day since some people work overnight or wake up earlier.

She has also shared a workout routine with us to gauge where we are that totally rocked. I have done the routine everyday and participating in a squats and abs challenge and ab and butt challenge with

It has been a challenge


After my first workout.

The best part of it all is that I can work out from home. So I don’t have to pay for child care, or a gym membership, and I don’t have to work out in front of people. I know I am not alone in being nervous about people seeing me sweat my tookus off. Being able to focus on the workout at hand is more important than what the people around me think and if they are calling me fat. I get enough comments already about “you have your hands full”(in reference to my 4 kids) or “pajamas are not acceptable outer attire” (look I get the kids dressed and out the door that’s all that matters to me).

Since starting this challenge I have even been eating better, I cut processed sugar out of my diet (fruit is my sweet treat now) and have eaten more salads. I didn’t used to like salad but recently my taste buds have been weird and I actually find all the greens tasty.

Now its your turn

If you are thinking about getting in shape please don’t keep putting it off. Leave the excuses behind you. The longer you wait to start the harder it gets. Ask me how I know. I used to be in the military and wear a size 3, and am now a size 18-20. If you miss a day don’t give up. “It is better to try and fail than to have never tried” (William F. O’Brien)

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I am on the left and on the right is my sister. That was over 7 years and 50 lbs ago. 

It is past time to start working on getting in shape and I am well on my way. Raquel has virtual fitness classes as well as in-person fitness classes. So even if you are not local feel free to contact her. She is great at making working out fun and challenging at the same time. She has a Facebook too Real Change Fitness.

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