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Body Butter Tutorial- with printable recipe


I love body butter especially in winter. It is so moisturizing to my dried out skin and made completely with natural ingredients. I even have some customers who use it in their hair for their curls. It goes on like butter and melts into your skin just like butter and toast.

Body Butter Tutorial

img_0795All you need is shea, mango or cocoa butter, coconut oil or tallow, and a liquid oil (like olive, jojoba, or babassu). I use Shea, coconut and jojoba usually, but I have some customers who are allergic to coconut oil so I modify the recipe for them. I melt down my butters and oils first. You can use your trusty crock pot or the double boiler method.

Once all are completely melted, blend really well. You can also add in scents (essential oils or fragrance oils but if you are going for natural go with essential) or even colors (I like mine naturally colored but you can use micas or other colorant). img_0796Once your mixture is thoroughly mixed remove it from heat and chill. This step takes about an hour or two depending on your fridge. You can also use the freezer but I never have room in mine. I like to use a freezer bag or cellophane to seal it before chilling so if there is stinky stuff in my fridge it doesn’t transfer to my body butter and via versa (Lavender carrots img_0797are just weird). It is done when it is no longer clear but starts to solidify.

If you forget about it you can still whip it it just takes more effort and doesn’t get quit

e the right consistency. For the whipping stage I love my stand alone mixer but the electric hand mixers work fine. Just whip away until it looks like frosting consistency. I like to use a piping bag and various tips to fill containers. Then put the containers in the fridge to set for about 5-10 minutes.

Printable Recipe:

Body Butter


I like to use theseĀ jars because you can get them with the sealing disks and it helps keep it fresh and professional looking. You can add labels to the top or sides of the bottle. I suggest waterproof labels since as the customer uses the product they may get oil on the outside. I for one hate when I can’t read the label and want more but can’t remember the name of the company.

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