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New Year, New Workout

I will be thirty this year and maintaining my weight has been easy before now. Four kids and a sedentary lifestyle have taken their toll. I can not let it continue to. My once DD’s are now J. My once size 14 hips are now 22. So it is time. New year, New workout.


I cut red meat and have eaten fish and chicken for a few weeks. I have started making salads daily. I also skipped the candy canes and chocolate for Christmas. About a week ago I started working out while watching tv instead of laying on the couch. Even now I am telling Siri to write this instead of sitting and typing.

My kids have even joined me. Squats, crunches, push-ups, running With 4 kids in tow has been difficult but determination will solve all problems.

Squats: while doing laundry, to the mailbox, my kids thought mommy was funny at first but now they are trying to do them too. Even the 2 yr old tries and mostly sits down (it’s super cute though).


Crunches: while watching my grey’s anatomy or g

ame of thrones, with baby while nursing(yes I nurse my two-year old).

Push-ups: this usually goes badly. My littlest climbs on my back every time he sees me get in pushup position, but the other three get right next to me and try.

Running: this one is the hardest. They don’t make 4 seat jogging strollers, so I pretty much jog (mostly in place) trying to get them to keep up. The boys are great but my daughter is very spoiled and always tells me how tired she is. Eventually she will run for a bit but then she starts the scream crying. I keep trying though the hope is eventually she will run with me.

What does your workout look like? How do you overcome your hindrances? What’s your favorite healthy food?

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