Customized Baby Shower Decorations and Favors


Customized Diaper Cakes

I love creating Diaper Cakes. I have made Cloth Diaper Cakes, Disposable Diaper Cakes, Character Cakes, Motorcycle Cakes. These decorations are customized however you would like. Turnaround time depends on accessibility of materials. If you want an Ariel cake then I will probably have to order accessories since there hasn’t been an Ariel movie out in a while. After all the materials are in, it takes about an hour or two to put it all together. They come sealed in shrink-wrap for protection on their trip to you. Local Pickup preferred as this is a large item and would be fairly expensive to ship. If you would like it shipped I will work with you to find the best option for the size, but shipping would be an added fee.

mickey motorcycle diaper cake
Mickey Mouse has gone biker on this awesome diaper cake. These decorations made to order and are completely customizable. If you want a 4 wheeler or a trike instead of a motorcycle that is totally doable. If you want a different character that is completely possible. We love customizing.
mickey diaper cake
The making of another Mickey cake
close up of diaper cake
Close up you can see a bottle and toys attached to the cake with ribbon







Baby Shower Favors

Would you like to add-on soapy baby shower favors? We have baby shaped soaps or can do themed soaps with your soon-to-be son or daughter’s name. Dont want soap? How about lip balm, body butter, or bath bombs with personalized labels for your shower? If you are just getting favors shipping is no problem since they are not as big as a diaper cake.

baby soap
loads/2017/01/IMG_1215.jpg?resize=768%2C768 768w, 1024w, 180w, 600w, 1960w" sizes="(max-width: 235px) 100vw, 235px" /> Yes this is soap. I call it baby soap because not only is it bay shaped but it is gentle enough to use on baby.

Use the following form and we will give you a quote in 2-3 business days. We will include ideas and pictures of products. Materials cost will be due up front which is non-refundable. Final payment will be due after you receive pictures of the finished product(s) and before shipping or pickup.


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