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Resource page

Places to Buy Ingredients – awesome prices and they sell just about everything you need with great customer service. Has a great program for repeat customers and bulk orders. Plus orders over 40 dollars are free shipping. – This is where I go for free shipping or to get rush delivery. The prices are higher and the quantities are smaller but it is good when you need stuff quick and I of course have a prime membership so free shipping on most stuff.  – I believe in shopping around and several times have found items here a little less than other places. – Great customer Service and will help you solve problems you have with your products. – awesome prices and choices on scents both essential oils and fragrance oils. – great for colorants and fragrances.


51vubxpalal-_sx331_bo1204203200_Scientific Soapmaking by Kevin Dunn – Excellent balance of the Chemistry and art in soap making. Reads just like a textbook.

The everything soapmaking book by Alicia Grosso  – This is perf41px8qfil7l-_sx331_bo1204203200_ect for beginners it lays everything out from recipes to molds and safety.

Soap and Cosmetic Labeling by Marie Gale – This is a great book that discusses different agencies you are held responsible to if you start selling as well as the difference between a cosmetic and a soap. It explains in plain language what labels should include and how.

YouTube videos for Inspiration and Education

Kevin Devine – Info on labeling soaps for resale

Petals Bath Boutique – Gorgeous Swirls in soap

JustxSoooxRandom – love her piping on top of her soaps she loves talking and explaining things

Hot Process Queen – Wonderfully explained tutorial on using cookie cutters to make bath bombs

Goats Milk Hot Process – Stick blending Hot Process from oils to end result. Great view of larger batch size.

Other links

Understanding water discounts and lye solution in soap making– this is a great article that explains calculating lye water ratios and what it means when designing your own formula.