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Tackling the Grocery Store- With 4 Kids

While most of the time I go to the grocery store alone sometimes there is no way to make that happen. Most recently while my Fiance’ was gone for a week training for a new job. Four kids, no help, and no school. The grocery store would seem an impossible task but I have learned several tricks that I would love to share with you.


7 Ideas for Tackling the Grocery Store with 4 Kids

  1. Park next to a cart return. Preferably one with a nice shopping cart in it. If there is a cart to load kids in then it is so much easier to get to the front door without chasing kids around a parking lot. Plus when you finish shopping you don’t have to walk away from the kids to drop off the cart. All in all it is much safer.
  2. Use the multi child carts. I wish stores had car carts that seated 4 but 3 is good too. I don’t even care that they are really hard to push and steer, the ability to strap the child in is well worth it. car-cart
  3. Go down every aisle. I always forget things and if I walk down all the aisles i will usually forget less (or buy more I don’t need but better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it or is that with weapons). Except any aisle with avoid even the sight of those.
  4. Stop at the Samples of food. Feed them all for free. Snacks make shopping ten times easier. If you can remember to bring snacks more power to you. I barely get mine out the door with shoes on the right feet half the time. Sometimes the cashiers will even give you lollipops.
  5. Go when no one else is there. This is not always possible but if you are planning a grocery trip go really early in the morning or super late so there isn’t as much crowd. Kroger and Wal-Mart are open 24 hours in most places and going in the middle of the night is by far the easiest. I have put a blanket in the bottom of the cart and laid sleeping kids in more times than I can count.
  6. Master the 2 cart method. I push one cart and pull another more than you know. Loading the kids into one and the groceries into the other is by far the easiest way to protect eggs, bread, and snacks from grabby hands. img_0835
  7. Baby Carrier is a must when they are young. I have worn e
    ach of my children and it makes life so much easier. Especially when breast-feeding. I would never want to try to breastfeed in a bathroom with 4 kids. I do like some privacy though and a carrier gives me that privacy. Plus it keeps little hands off stuff. img_0830

What tips do you have for the grocery store? Do you have pictures of your kids at the grocery store? Are they as crazy as mine?