My youngest and One of my Twins in Karate Class
prego with twin
Pregnant with the Twins

What is Sisterhood of Soap all About? I started the company in 2015 when I started sharing my soaps with family and friends. Making soap has been a passion of mine for a long time and I could think of nothing more enjoyable than sharing my passion with others.

Who am I, you ask? I am Nicole. I have four wonderful children. Twin boys, my precious baby girl, and my littlest baby boy.  As you can imagine my life is pretty chaotic. There is a lot of running around and plenty of love. We try to save money wherever possible. Which means making many things ourselves. We cloth diaper and babywear. I believe if we can do things the natural way we should.

The Soap Making Journey

I started making soap about 4 years ago.My husband left when my twins were 6 months old and I had just found out I was pregnant with my third child. I don’t blame him because all of it was very difficult to handle. If he hadn’t our lives wouldn’t be what they are today.

One of my First Soaps

When he left I wasn’t working, we were living with my parents because we couldn’t afford our own place. I started making all kinds of things to save money, like cloth diapers
(mostly because of the outstanding cost of diapering 2 soon to be 3 children) then making blankets and clothes. I realized very quickly that I could make a great many things myself.

That is when I branched into cosmetics like lotions and balms after I started adding up how much we would go throughcropped-img_0592.jpg. I knew there had to be another way. YouTube was very useful in the beginning. I watched so many videos and took notes. Even calculated out the math to find out if it would be more cost effective to make myself. It definitely was. When I made my first batch of soap it turned out horrendous but effective. I fell in love with soap making. Making soap blends chemistry and art like not much else. Once I grasped the beauty of it I was addicted. Now I make soap almost every day. My passion and drive have created the opportunity to share the art that is soap making with all of you.

Castile in the Mold

I also share some other snip-its cause who can ever just talk about one thing when I create so much myself. Plus with four kids, I have some awesome stories and advice.


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